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How you should brainstorm best names for your domains?

If you are planning your new site, in Australia, then you must be very careful in selecting domain names, because this is the name that will represent your site name in the internet searches and you must pick up the correct one that has a greater chance to be picked up and shown in the searches whenever people search about your industry.

Domain registration is one of the first or initial steps that you will have to decide on while you carry on your domain name search. Domain name search requires you to brainstorm as many domain names for your domain as you can. But, the search should not be random or ordinary one. Keep in mind, how important is to represent your business effectively and what is the importance of a domain in doing so.

You should keep following points in your focus, while you are brainstorming the various names:

  • Always make sure the name you select relates to your business clearly. You should not pick a name that is in no way relevant to your business theme or name.
  • You should not keep the name exactly the same as your business or company name as it will narrow down the chances that people will find it. And the search will only be restricted when the people would type your company name directly. And if you are in a startup and don’t have sufficient popularity, then such a domain would not come up in searches quickly.
  • Always try to select a broad yet closely relevant domain name for your site.
  • Keep in mind that you should include at least one highly searched kW in the domain that will ensure the speedy search optimization.
  • Try searching up numerous variation for the ideas that are coming up in your mind.
  • If you think that most of the options have been taken already, try to introduce some minor tweaks, like a digit or easy to understand, word in the name.

After the first step of registering the domain you can also look for a web hosting service, either from the same registrar or separately. Additional services like sub domains, SSL certificate, hosted email, etc. can also be obtained after you have completed the domain search.

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